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At Kosmos, everyone fills an important and valuable role. We enjoy working together, with shared interests and a common purpose, and we recognize that extraordinary results only come from an extraordinary team.

Laurent Culembourg

Neal Shah
Senior Vice President, Finance & Equatorial Guinea

Kosmos is a company that has already provided me significant career opportunities in just a short period of time. I joined the company in June 2010 as an associate in the Finance & Treasury Group, focused heavily on leading the company’s planned initial public offering initiative. We completed that process less than a year later and our listing on the New York Stock Exchange was a major success. Thanks in large part to Kosmos’ transparent environment, I was able to expand my role and see new opportunities to contribute. I am extremely grateful to the management team at Kosmos for the way they recognize and reward hard work – pushing me to do even more.

Tommy Fulford

Jon Cappon
Country Manager,
Sao Tome 

In the workplace, the word ‘team’ is used often and can lose its meaning as a result -- this is not the case at Kosmos. Both my personal success and that of the greater organization depends on, and is derived from, the cohesiveness within our various functions. The culture at Kosmos is one of unity and humility. Independent of our roles and titles, we come together for the same purpose: to find oil and create value for shareholders and stakeholders.

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