Big E, Big Opportunities


Big Value

Kosmos places a big emphasis on exploration, and on the value exploration success produces for our stakeholders. We believe sustained exploration success with the drill bit, from the ground up, is the best way to create value for everyone.

Big Vision

Our exploration vision is focused on discovering new petroleum systems of significant size, repeatedly. And once we deliver a new petroleum system, we enhance the value of these discovered systems by growing and maturing them through follow-on exploration success, development and production.

Big Commitment

Since 2011, we have built a portfolio with substantial resource potential. Our captured oil and gas exploration portfolio includes opportunities offshore Mauritania, Senegal, Suriname, São Tomé and Príncipe, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco and Western Sahara. In addition, we are pursuing new venture opportunities in other areas.

Big Results

Our commitment to exploration has led to repeated positive results. The most dramatic so far has been the Jubilee Oil Field discovery offshore Ghana in 2007. This massive find unlocked the Tano Basin, a new hydrocarbon province for development. It is a province in which we have had ongoing exploration success, with multiple follow-on discoveries.

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