Our difference lies in the strength of the relationships we forge at all levels and our willingness to look beyond the oil and gas industry to the direct and indirect benefits it can bring. Our work with Mauritania and Senegal to get to a final investment decision on the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim liquefied natural gas (LNG) project is a good example. With the support of both President Abdel Aziz and President Sall, we formed a Working Group comprised of representatives from the national oil companies, the ministries of energy, and Kosmos; a novel approach for our industry. Its purpose was to drive transparency and create a forum to discuss and solve problems together, rather than the foreign oil company dictating how the project should proceed, simply adhering to the requirements of our license agreements. For about three years, the group met monthly, rotating between Nouakchott, Dakar, and Paris. In the beginning, the meetings were friendly, but very formal. The Mauritanians and Senegalese didn’t know if they could trust us. We responded with complete transparency, telling them up front what our economic returns needed to be for an investment of this size and we actually gave them our economic model. We also showed them exactly what we were deliberating on from a technical perspective and asked them to weigh in. Soon, a bond began to form as the Mauritanians and Senegalese realized we were listening to their concerns, acting on their suggestions, putting the countries’ interests at the heart of our approach for the good of the project. In addition, I dedicated a significant amount of my own time to cementing relationships with both Presidents to ensure the benefits created by our industry accrue to the countries. After several years of excellent and improving safety performance, Kosmos finished 2018 with a Total Recordable Incident Rate of 1.99 and a Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) of 0.5, against global targets of less than 1.1 and 0.5, respectively. While these figures still compare well against industry benchmarks, what are you doing to improve performance? Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and contractors. In 2018, we saw several incidents occur on third- party marine vessels that support our seismic and drilling activities. In response, we are actively working with our contractors on a “One Team, One Goal” campaign to communicate our expectations and improve their safety performance. This needs to be a relentless campaign with no room for complacency. Our objective at all times is to be incident- and injury-free, which requires employees and contractors to maintain a “safety first” mindset. Many in oil and gas deny that climate change is a threat to the planet and to the industry. What is Kosmos’ position? We recognize that the world faces a serious challenge from climate change influenced by human activity, and believe Kosmos Energy’s business and footprint have evolved significantly over the last several years. Has your approach to corporate responsibility changed with it? The pace of change has been significant. We recently completed two major acquisitions in Equatorial Guinea and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico that included exploration opportunities and production assets, creating powerful new pathways for growth. Today’s Kosmos creates value for shareholders and stakeholders through a portfolio filled with infrastructure-led and basin-opening exploration opportunities along the Atlantic Margin, a pipeline of world-scale development projects, and a diversified and growing production base. Our commitment to corporate responsibility is stronger than ever. Rapid growth and opportunity only reinforce my ambition for Kosmos to stay on the front edge of corporate responsibility. We cannot achieve our goal of being the leading deepwater company in the Atlantic Margin unless we deliver on this objective. When we enter a country, we expect to operate there for many years. We aim to be a long-term partner, deeply committed to helping our host nations create a brighter future because we know our future success is fully connected to theirs. “Country and company” remains our touchstone to ensure we make mutually beneficial decisions that strengthen the trust we create by operating in the right way. How does Kosmos build the trust you mention? Is Kosmos actually different from other companies? We work very hard to align our business with a country’s development and socio- economic priorities. It’s about creating a shared agenda by forging authentic relationships which then leads to mutually beneficial results for both country and company. It requires transparency, respect, delivering on commitments, and being honest about what you can’t deliver. 2 3 A Conversation with Andy Inglis, KOSMOS ENERGY’S CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Andy Inglis talks about Kosmos Energy’s commitment to corporate responsibility and how the company pursues continuous improvement. Q Q A A Q Q A A Kosmos Chairman and CEO Andy Inglis with Mauritania’s Minister of Energy Mohamed Abdel Vetah following a meeting to discuss progress on the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim LNG project.