I n 2018, Kosmos drilled two exploration wells in Suriname. While neither the Pontoenoe-1 well nor the Anapai-1A well encountered hydrocarbons in commercial quantities, they did enhance our geologic understanding of the basin and represented a significant investment in Suriname. We remain optimistic regarding the oil potential offshore Suriname and expect to begin a second exploration drilling campaign in 2020. In addition, we remain focused on continuing our above-ground activities, such as stakeholder engagement and social investment projects. We aim to be a welcome investor in Suriname. MANAGING OUR FOOTPRINT During exploration drilling, Kosmos aims to maximize local content and the creation of economic opportunity. However, due to draft limitations at port and river facilities in Paramaribo, Kosmos was required to operate from a primary shore base facility in Trinidad. In addition, limited availability of qualified service companies in Suriname restricted our ability to award contracts for local goods and services. Kosmos is working with local providers to build capacity within Surinamese companies, as well as within the technical, vocational, and university education systems. The 2018 drilling campaign was managed from our local office in Paramaribo. We used the Kuldipsingh Port on the Suriname River as a secondary shore base to deliver food and other small supplies to and from the drillship. We established a local helicopter base for personnel transfer to and from the offshore drillship. Kosmos also supported the local economy through purchasing personnel accommodations, transportation services, customs and clearance service, and support for helicopters. In addition, Kosmos contracted a Surinamese waste management company – United Recycling & Rental N.V. (UR) – to process our waste streams from the drilling operations. UR worked with Kosmos HSE professionals to significantly upgrade its facilities to meet all our health, safety, and environmental requirements. The enhanced capacity of their facility will enable the company to more effectively handle various waste streams from other industries, including medical and biohazardous by-products. Kosmos began exploration activities offshore Suriname in December 2011 with the signing of Production Sharing Contracts for Blocks 42 and 45. In 2012, we opened an office in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, to support offshore operations, manage in-country activities, and liaise with local stakeholders. Since then, we have developed a capable team of local employees, listened to community members, and implemented various social and environmental projects, in addition to drilling two wells and conducting three seismic surveys. 57 During 2018 drilling activities, Kosmos established a local helicopter base in Paramaribo to transfer personnel to and from the drillship. PRODUCTION OPTIMIZATION INFRASTRUCTURE- LED EXPLORATION DEVELOPMENT OF WORLD-SCALE DISCOVERIES BASIN-OPENING EXPLORATION Suriname BLOCK 42 BLOCK 42 BLOCK 45 BLOCK 45 FRENCH GUIANA GUYANA Atlantic Ocean