41 KOSMOS INNOVATION CENTER SUCCESS STORIES The “Uber for tractors,” TroTro Tractor is revolutionizing Ghanaian farmers’ access to modern agricultural equipment. The company’s unique nvoicia platform pays small businesses 80% of the value of invoices within 48 hours, solving cash flow issues caused by late payments. ProFish brings advanced logistics and cold storage techniques to the fishing industry, ensuring fresh and timely distribution of products to customers. Soil Solutions has designed soil testing kits to provide farmers the information needed to cultivate the most viable and profitable crops for their fields’ soil composition. ENTREPRENEURS TRAINED KIC and its partners have trained more than 500 entrepreneurs since March 2016 CAPITAL FROM EXTERNAL INVESTORS KIC startups have raised over $1,000,000 in seed funding from other private and donor funders STARTUPS FORMED The KIC has helped to launch more than a dozen new startups SEED FUNDING INVESTED Kosmos has provided more than $300,000 in seed funding to startups KOSMOS INNOVATION CENTER IMPACT 40 SOIL SOLUTIONS PROFISH TROTRO TRACTOR GROWTH FACTOR