7 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Company Overview 6 Year Ended (in thousands, except volume data) 2018 2017 2016 Revenues and other income $ 902,369 $ 636,836 $ 385,355 Net income (loss) (93,991) (222,792) (283,780) Net cash provided by operating activities 260,491 236,617 52,077 EBITDAX 752,039 540,117 405,300 Capital expenditures 385,434 57,432 644,510 Total Assets 4,088,189 3,192,603 3,341,465 Total long-term debt 2,120,547 1,282,797 1,321,874 Total shareholders’ equity 941,478 897,112 1,081,199 Sales volumes (million barrels of oil equivalent)1 18.5 11.2 6.8 Total proved reserves (million barrels of oil equivalent)2 167 110 77 Crude oil (million barrels)2 151 100 74 Natural gas (billion cubic feet)2 99 61 15 1. Includes our share of sales volumes from our Equatorial Guinea equity method investment. 2. Includes our share of reserves from our Equatorial Guinea equity method investment. United States: 78.75% Ghana: 13.00% São Tomé and Príncipe: 2.50% Mauritania: 1.75% Senegal: 1.50% United Kingdom: 1.50% Suriname: 1.00% 2018 EMPLOYEE DISTRIBUTION TOTAL EMPLOYEES Total Employees U.S. Employees 2018 330 260 2017 282 199 Kosmos Energy Business Principles Kosmos Energy was founded with the goal of creating value for all of our stakeholders: investors, employees, and the governments and citizens of our host countries. We recognize that creating steady, long-term returns can only be achieved by advancing the societies in which we work. In 2013, we adopted the Kosmos Energy Business Principles to formalize this commitment by articulating the values that have always guided our actions. The Business Principles are also informed by what our stakeholders have told us about their expectations of a responsible company. We define how we conduct our business and the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable through the Business Principles. The Business Principles are supported by more detailed policies, procedures, and management systems which are referenced in this report and on our website. The Business Principles reflect our values across six areas: Responsibilities to Stakeholders, Ethical Conduct, Our Workplaces, the Environment, Society, and Commercial Relationships. Although the Business Principles are our standard, the actions we take to adhere to them change as we evolve as a company. 1 RESPONSIBILITIES TO STAKEHOLDERS 6 COMMERCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES 5 KOSMOS IN SOCIETY 4 KOSMOS AND THE ENVIRONMENT 3 OUR WORKPLACES 2 ETHICAL CONDUCT